Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hunted Mate by Kari Thomas

Title: Hunted Mate
Author: Kari Thomas
Publisher: Black Lyon Publishing
Publication Date: 2008
ISBN: 1-934912-03-4 / 978-1-934912-03-4
Genre: Shape shifter fantasy
Length: 160 pages
Heat Level: sensual
Date: November 2009

Tara Stuart knows her destiny. She was marked by the goddess to mate with the wolf shifter Prince Damian, but she hates the idea of marrying because fate demands it. Tara wants to make her own destiny rather than have it thrust upon her. Poor health and concern for the inner turmoil threatening his pack force Damian to call in a life debt he never expected to use. Feline shifter Logan Cross has no more choice than Tara does. Honor demands he follow through with Damian’s request. He shouldn’t notice the way the beautiful little human smells or the way she calls to him. Duty demands he turn her over to the wolf, end of story. Nothing can change the fate the goddess has established for her people, but then again free will can be a powerful thing.

Hunted Mate tells a powerful and compelling story of four people who face forbidden love, the darkness of greed, the lust for power, and the power of faith and selflessness. Logan, Damian, Tara and Emily all face a loveless future, yet Tara’s compassion for others and her desire to do what’s right for the shifter clans offer a glimpse at a future filled with possibilities. Kari Thomas’s novel will keep readers enthralled as they try to figure a way to a happy ending, but Ms. Thomas gives nothing away and makes the reader search for answers to the last page. Bravo. This is a novel worth picking up and reading more than once. If you’re looking for a sexy, shifter fantasy that will having you hoping for a way to overcome destiny, then buy Hunted Mate.

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