Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Woman of Honor by Nicole Zoltack

Title: Woman of Honor
Author: Nicole Zoltack
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing
Publication Date: March 2009
ISBN: 1-936000-03-2 or 978-1-936000-03-6
Genre: Historical Fantasy
Length: novel
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Heat Level: sweet
Date: December 2009

Woman of Honor is the first in the Kingdom of Arnhem series and tells of a young girl’s desire to honor her brother’s memory by becoming a knight. The tale outlines the story of Aislinn’s adventures from a child of seven to adulthood in the twelfth century. There are glimpses of mythic creatures and such, but the book primarily focuses on Aislinn and her personal struggles as she strives to become worthy of the title Lady Knight.

Woman of Honor has all the best elements of an epic adventure – danger, self-discovery, unrequited love, true romance, and noble expectations. I found Ms. Zoltack’s world intriguing. The writing style and storyline flow nicely and the characters work well. Caelan, Geoffrey, Aislinn and many of the other knights-in-training demonstrate the attributes necessary for true honor. Although I occasionally struggled to suspend disbelief early in the novel - some tasks seemed impossible both physically and mentally for a child of seven or eight - the majority of Ms. Zoltack’s novel proved a delightful read. I left the story with a few unanswered questions about shadow warriors and Alce, but if I did not there would be no reason to read the next installment in the series. Woman of Honor provides a refreshing escape from the standard, making it a novel worth enjoying more than once.

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