Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Burning Love by Jana Richards

Title: Burning Love
Author: Jana Richards
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Publication Date: January 20, 2010
Genre: Contemporary
Length: novella
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Heat Level: sensual
Reviewer: Dana Dean
Date: December 2009

Firefighter Riley Benson has lost everyone he ever cared about which makes him reluctant to put his heart on the line for anything more important than the old house he’s fixing up and his black lab, Buddy. Iris Jennings has the worst luck ever and no one but her cat Whiskers to care so she accepts a job on a cruise liner in an effort to escape what she sees as a lonely meaningless life. Fortunately for these two, Hildegard, Angel Third Class, Relationship Division, and Angelica, angel-in-training are determined to bring the soul mates together. Unfortunately, fate and free will keep getting in the way no matter how hard the heavenly matchmakers try to make the humans see the light.

Burning Love intrigued me almost immediately. Riley, the handsome firefighter, and Iris the somewhat absent minded fire starter seemed an unlikely match. But like Hildegard, I soon saw the value of the situation for both parties. This story is light-hearted fun despite a dastardly bad guy who threatens the security of the vulnerable and the elderly. Unexpected heroes pop in and out as necessary to save the day and the main characters, including the interfering angels, are likable and sweet. If you want a pleasant little story to warm your heart, Burning Love will fill the bill quite nicely.

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