Monday, January 25, 2010

Love Waltzes In by Kim Smith

Title: Love Waltzes In
Author: Kim Smith
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Publication Date:2009
Genre: contemporary
Length: 60
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Heat Level: sweet
Other: n/a
Reviewer: Brecken Stevens
Date: Jan 25, 2010

Widowed and tired, Maggie decides to do something about the latter and maybe about the former. Taking dance has always been a dream, so she tries the new place in town. Ty is a wonderful dancer and as hot as they get. More, Maggie feels more special than she should when she’s in his arms. When the dance lessons make her feel younger than ever, giving her the energy to chase her grandson all day and dance half the night, Maggie hopes there’s to be more with Ty. Ty connects with Maggie unlike he has with anyone else in his life. She’s beautiful inside and out, but he’s got some things to clear up before they can be together. If they are ever together.

Love Waltzes In was a wonderful short story with an interesting mix of writing styles and points of view. Maggie was my mother’s age and made me wonder what she would do in similar circumstances. I’d hope she would be like Maggie, trying hard to be empowered in bold even though it was out of her comfort zone. The poetry was cute, the story was engaging, and if the plot was a little predictable, author Kim Smith more than made up for it with Maggie who was very real. I think Love Waltzes In is a short story anyone who likes a sweet romance would appreciate, but I’m thinking the grandmas in the crowd would really get a kick out of it.

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