Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow Kissed by Cindy K. Green

Title: Snow Kissed
Cindy K. Green
White Rose Publishing
Inspirational White Rosette
Rating: Sweet
Page Count: 38
ISBN: None
Release Date: 11/2009
Digital Price: $2.00
Heat Level: Sweet
Reviewer: Minnie

Today is one of those days Logan Reilly wished he’d stayed in bed. Not only does he have to deal with the annoying Winter Wonderland Carnival but his close friend, that whimsical lover of snow, Holly Armstrong, is leaving town forever. The question is why didn’t she tell him and why today, of all days, does he realize she might be more than a friend?

Holly can no longer stay in town knowing the man she loves only sees her as a friend. It’s time to move on; besides she has other career prospects.

As the carnival unfolds, watch God work in amazing ways. Can He change Holly’s mind and make her stay? Can He help Logan see beyond the friendship? Only time can tell.

Look beyond the absolutely exquisite cover for Snow Kissed and dive inside. Ms. Green’s evocative, skilled writing leaves you to all but taste the snow and touch the theme of Christmas which weaves through this story. A rough hewn hero goes soft and infinitely appealing toward Holly, the sweetheart of a heroine who seems to be on the threshold of a life-change. Can the friendship they share progress to something more? Logan fights it, Holly is ready to leave town because of it. Still, everyone in the picturesque town of Meridan, VA seems to think these two are heaven-made for one another. In fact, the secondary characters - friends, and even a pair of precocious Sunday school students - put vivid color to this story. Gentle humor, intensity of feeling and a tangible, fully relatable sense of emotion fill this story with magic. Do yourself a favor in these chilly winter days. Settle in and enjoy being Snow Kissed!

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