Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blood Tapestry by Ishbel Moore

Title: Blood Tapestry
Author: Ishbel Moore
Publisher: Eirelander Publishing
Publication Date: 2009
Genre: Fantasy
Length: 308 pages
Author Email:
Heat Level: sweet
Reviewer: Sasha Evins
Date: 03/09/10

Blurb: When blood is shed betwixt new thread,
a brave man’s heart protects yer head.
Wash blood away betwixt new stitches,
live in fear of plots and switches.

These are the cautionary words told to the Crown Princess Floranza of Libona when she cuts her finger while working on a new tapestry. Within heartbeats Floranza's world begins to change. Her father the king is snatched from a horrible death by a stranger named DunKhan, a member of the highly skilled Intelligence network of the Nongris, who is newly charged with the responsibility of removing Floranza from potential harm. Floranza eventually agrees to go, but only because she wishes to find out who is behind the growing upheaval in her father's kingdom. During their journey through the continent of Charmangea, Floranza and DunKhan find themselves drawn to each other as they face magic, danger and political unrest at every turn. Their growing love seems not to be however, as a Nongris cannot marry, and a Crown Princess cannot be any man's 'woman'.

I love, love, love, this story! It was wonderfully structured and creative, and I found myself swept into the world Ishbel created. The characters come alive in your mind’s eye and the plot has many twists that will keep you guessing until the end. Despite the fact it’s a sweet romance, you definitely pick up on the spark of chemistry between the heroine and hero. Their developing relationship isn’t overshadowed by the rest of the story—which can happen in sweet romances. I normally prefer spicy and erotic romances—which is the genre I write—but this love story won me over.

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