Friday, June 4, 2010

Nightmare by Karen Lewis

Title: Nightmare
Author: Karen Lewis
Publisher: Solstice Publishing
Publication Date: 2010
Genre: romance
Length: 63 pages
Heat Level: Sweet
Other: n/a
Reviewer: Brecken Stevens
Date: June 3, 2010

Kyla and Dudley have a great marriage, or so Kyla thought right up until her husband was arrested for murder. Unsure what to believe, Kyla fights the good fight for her husband, sure he can’t be the one and when he is exonerated, she is happy. But with every passing turn she questions herself and finds herself in a nightmare of her own making.

Nightmare is suspense. It’s short, moves fast and I wish Ms. Lewis would have left it as suspense. The romance portion fell very flat for me because in the short pages the characters didn’t really get a chance to build. Suspense-wise, great story. Romance-wise not so much. If a reader is looking for something quick and mysterious, Nightmare, with its twists and turns will satisfy. But if you’re looking for a romance with a believable ‘happily ever after’, it’s not here.

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