Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Purr-fect Seduction by H.C. Brown

Title: Purr-fect Seduction
Author: H. C. Brown
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Publication Date: 2008
ISBN: 978-1-60592-061-0
Genre: Paranormal, shape-shifter
Length: 91 pages
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Heat Level: spicy
Other: light spanking, M/M and M/F/M secondary characters
Reviewer: Starla Kaye
Date: 12-8-09

Jill Morfranna, a sassy redhead from New York, goes to the Scottish Highlands on a photo shoot for the illustrations she does for romance novels. She hopes to take photos of the country and find a rugged alpha male Highlander to create a sensual masterpiece cover. She finds such a man, only she does so by stumbling into an alternate realm filled with demons, slave traders, and shape-shifters. Darrius of Knight Watch, a huge black panther shape-shifter, believes she is a witch and one of his Pride’s enemies. He kidnaps her with the intention of trading her at a slave auction for his sister from another enemy.

Their attraction for one another seems doomed from the beginning. She doesn’t understand his world and he can make no sense of what she says or the items she carries with her. He has captured her, plans to trade her away to save his sister, and yet she is drawn to the commanding leader. The desire between them is strong, the frustration as well. I found the struggle between them as they progressed through the trials they faced interesting. Dare was a strong hero with believable ethics toward what had to be done, what must be sacrificed, and what he desired. Jill, too, held my interest with her ability to adapt, analyze, and make hard decisions. This is a good read for someone who enjoys shape-shifters and their struggles.

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