Saturday, January 2, 2010

Kindertransport by Jennifer Childers

Title: Kindertransport
Author: Jennifer Childers
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Publication Date: 2008
ISBN: 1-60154-522-3
Genre: Historical
Length: 254 pages
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]Heat: sweet
Reviewer: Steph Beck
Date: Jan 2, 2010

In a time of early Nazi occupation, nurse Erica Lehmeir is faced with the knowledge that the disable children in her care will be exterminated as part of Hitler’s plans for a pure and perfect Germany. Unable to accept it as fact, she must find a way to save the children and herself, should she be found out. Can she make the decisions forced upon her, and can she trust Rickard, her dear friend, when he wears his SS uniform?

There was something very special about this story. The trying times of Nazi Germany set an intriguing backdrop for some interesting characters. Jennifer Childers did a wonderful job making me wonder who the villains of the story were, something I think many faced at the time in Germany. No one was perfect in the story, but they had me pulling for them to overcome the day and Kindertransport delivered, making it a story I would recommend to anyone who enjoys historical stories. I give it five diamonds because long after I finished reading, I thought about the story and the characters. I love a good love story that stays with me after the last page is read and Kindertransport did.

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