Thursday, August 26, 2010

To Take Up the Sword by Brynna Curry

Title: To Take Up the Sword
Author: Brynna Curry
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Publication Date: September 2010
ISBN: 978-1-61650-190-7
Genre: Contemporary Suspense
Length: Short Novella
Author Email:
Heat Level: Sweet-sensual
Other: Graphic violence
Reviewer: Starla Kaye
Date: 8-26-10

Book 2 of the Elemental Magic Series

I loved this book. It has everything: well-developed characters, strong emotions, obstacles galore, villains, and a complicated plot…and all in a novella-length story.

Special Agent Gabriel Spiller doesn’t consider himself anyone’s guardian angel. He leads a tough life fighting on the side of law and order, too often risking his heart, and losing people he cared about. He can’t allow himself to care about another woman and lose her as well.

Into his complicated life comes Leannan O’Neil, the sister of an undercover cop from his last case, a woman he loved and is now dead. Leannan is nothing like her dead sister, and yet physically so much like her. She comes to him deeply involved in the danger surrounding that still unresolved case. She comes to him for help and for protection, seeing him as some kind of angel. He isn’t, but he vows to protect her. And then…
As a reader, I enjoyed this story a lot. As a writer, I am so envious of the how the author managed to pull all of this off in so few pages. It is a must read for anyone who likes a romantic suspense, characters who pull you in to care about them, and enjoys a developing sweetly sensual romance.

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