Friday, October 14, 2011

Murder In Hum Harbour: A Seaglass Mystery by Jayne E. Self

Title: Murder In Hum Harbour: A Seaglass Mystery
Author: Jayne E. Self
Publisher: Harbourlight Books
Publication Date: 9-30-2011
ISBN: 978-1-61116-100-7
Genre: Christian Mystery
Length: 264 pages
Heat Level: Sweet
Reviewer: TJ
Date: October 13, 2011

There's a sleuth on the loose.

Part-time medical receptionist, part-time jewelry crafter, Gailynn MacDonald thinks she knows everything about everyone in Hum Harbour, Nova Scotia. That's the way she likes it. But when her former employer Doc Campbell turns up dead aboard his beached yacht, and her sister-in-law becomes the prime suspect, quirky, over-excitable Gailynn vows to unmask the killer. With Geoff Grant, Doc's handsome replacement, by her side Gailynn uncovers secrets and confronts childhood fears. And in the process she discovers that catching a killer is a lot like crafting her seaglass jewelry… it’s all in the details.

Murder In Hum Harbour introduces readers to a fabulous heroine and I cannot wait to read her next adventure. Gai is so endearing and she is such a bumbling detective that I’m surprised the culprit came to light at the end of the story. Geoff is a wonderful man with hidden depths and a kind disposition. Sweet cozies are a rare treat and this one offers laughs, secrets and intriguing human behavior. Having lived in a very small town myself I know how interesting the residents can be. The quirky individuals we meet might seem over the top if they weren’t so darn realistic. The location comes to life with amazing clarity and I can almost smell the fresh ocean air and feel the brisk winds in my face. The characters and setting are what made this book such a winner for me. If you are looking for a mystery with some maritime charm then you have to pick this one up.

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