Monday, October 24, 2011

West with the Wind by Cindi Myers

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Title: West with the Wind
Author: Cindi Myers
Publisher: Musa Publishing
Publication Date: October 2011
ISBN: 978-I-6I97-000-5
Genre: Historical Romance
Length: 243 pages
Mariah Tate is not exactly who she says she is. Running from something in her past, she is hell bent on getting to California to start a new life. An unwelcome member on the train of pioneers heading west, she proves herself calm and useful time and time again. It’s not long before Camp, their guide, takes a personal interest in her. Through the dangers both on and off the trail an unlikely bond is formed between them. As their grudging friendship and respect grows, so do the feelings Camp has for Mariah, if only he could understand her refusal to pursue something more. Feeling the pressures of the past she left behind, Mariah is forced to ignore her growing feelings. Can Camp figure out this puzzle of a woman before their journey ends and he loses her forever?
After finishing this book in one day, I can tell you firsthand that Cindi Myers has written a story that will grip you from start to finish. This story flawlessly transports you back to the days of the California Gold Rush and the dangerous cross-country trek faced by all who sought the promise of a new life in the west. Filled with danger, suspense and romance this book is one fast paced read you will not want to put down!
Reviewer: DesireƩ Frazier
Date: 10/23/11

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